Vainio wins and everyone but Ellinas had a comeback

27/07/2013 19:21

Aaro Vainio has won the first race of the GP3 Series at the Hungaroring after starting from the pole and have not made ​​any mistake at the start. Vainio gets his second win of the season for him and Koiranen GP. Championship leader, Tio Ellinas has suffered its worst race this year and could only finish twelfth, which has "pissed off" to the Cyprus.

By: Arnau Viñals Vendrell

Translated by: Julieta Tulián.

Good start of all but Korjus was the worst, and fell three positions. Behind, Ellinas also went wrong and fell to eleventh position but two laps later, was ahead of Niederhauser, Fontana and Zamparelli.
The race was generally boring, mid-race has opened a battle for ninth place among Mckee and Williamson from Bamboo Engineering team where Jenzer Niederhauser added himself.
Ellinas was trying to recover lost positions and overtook to his Marussia teammate, Dino Zamparelli, up until the fourteenth position.
With just six laps, Williamson got to beat Mckee, a Mckee who was also advanced by Niederhauser and Venturini. With the fuss Ellinas tried the same with Fontana but he tried with no success, the Cypriot left track.
But only 5 laps the safety car appeared on track due to an accident between Zonzini and Sa Silva. A very spectacular accident in which Trident has given a turn. The safety car remained two laps on the track, leaving a new race only 3 laps before to the end which provided impressive.
Daly has tried to pass Vainio quickly but failed, the one of Koiranen GP defended very well and very professionally his position. Further back were opened many struggles and Williamson has lost his position with a turn.
Ellinas has tried to pass Fontana, but the Cypriot has been off the track, and Fontana has not left back, what has pissed a lot to Ellinas, that is why he loaded against the Swiss after the checkered flag.
Finally, Aaro Vainio victory was followed by Conor Daly, Daniil Kvyat, fourth Harvey, Sainz fifth, sixth Regalia, Korjus seventh, eighth Visoiu who tomorrow will come first, ninth and Niederhauser tenthVenturini.