Vainio got his first pole position this year

27/07/2013 10:31

Aaro Vainio made the pole position in the qualy in the Hungarorging circuit, Hugary. The finnish made an impressive lap and got this important pole for him.

By: Arnau Viñals Vendrell

A lot of hot temperatures at the start of the qualifying. And when started the fastest laps, Facu Regalia (ART Gran Prix) lost one part of his car but the argentine, can followed the session. But, Ryan Cullen impact with this part and prick his wheel.

At the final of first fastest lap, Korjus was in P1, followed by Williamson (Bamboo Engineering), Kvyat (MW Arden), Mckee (Bamboo Engineering), and the championship leader Tio Ellinas (Marussia Manor Racing).

But imediatly this laps improves and Daly (ART Grand Prix) went to P1 followed by his team mate, Jack Harvey and Patric Niederhauser (Jenzer Motorsport). Korjus was P5. And the incredible P6 of his mate in Korianen GP, Patrick Kujala.

And We went at the final minutes Regalia made an incredible time and comes to P1, but his team mate when again at the top. Ellinas and Visoiu improve to P3 and 5, but, Vainio (koiranen GP) made an incredible lap and come to P1, his mate, Korjus, the Estonian Flame classificated in third position but Kvyat improve their lap and took this position at the estonian.

So, finally, 4 points for Aaro Vainio, second was Daly, followed by Kvyat, Korjus, Harvey, Williamson, Mckee, Sainz, Regalia and Ellinas. That is a good opportunity to go back in  the championship fight for Daly, Korjus and Harvey.