Nasr wins second race in Silverstone

06/07/2014 11:52

Test-driver of Formula 1 Team Williams Felipe Nasr won Sunday's sprint GP2 Series at Silverstone. Carlin driver led throughout the race, a few seconds ahead of Stefano Coletti and Johnny Cecotto.

By: Evgenya Udalova

The race started in dry conditions, but the sky was still overcast. Pole-sitter Stéphane Richelmi started badly, missing several opponents. Could not budge Alexander Rossi - his car rolled back to the pit lane, and he was able to start the race, losing lap. 


The first place went Felipe Nasr, the second - Stefano Coletti, who allowed a small false start, unnoticed by the stewards. Well started the race driver of Russian Time Mitch Evans, won back two positions, and immediately tried to attack on Richelmi, but Monegasque defended fifth place.


Already after a few turns was incident involving Marciello, Markelov, Lancaster and Canamasas, bringing Raffaele fizzled. Palmer counterattacked Evans, went on sixth place. After another couple of laps he was ahead of his team-mate at DAMS, Richelmi, and was the fifth.


At the 7th lap was forced to return to the pits Rio Haryanto - was damaged bottom. Evans, meanwhile, defended from attacks Stoffel Vandoorne but then Belgian wrong, missing Marco Sørensen. At the 10th lap was forced to return to the pits and get off Canamasas - breaking the rear wing.


By the 12th lap Evans came close to Richelmi and proceeded to attack an opponent. Meanwhile, Palmer beat Leel and came in fourth place, and already after closely pursued Johnny Cecotto. On lap 15 car of Coletti suddenly lost power, he dramatically lagged behind Nasr. Soon, however, Stefano was able to restore the pace.


19-lap encountered Arthur Pic and Takuya Izava. Cars were damaged and drivers had to return to the pits, where they were forced to get off.


On the last lap Mitch Evans made several attempts to overtake Richelmi but Monegasque able to defend position. Artem Markelov in just a few turns before the finish line overtake Simon Trummer and finished race 17th.